Some Gop Business Leaders Are Backing Clinton

29.08.2016  · GOP leaders should have given Hillary Clinton’s speech in 2012: Column Steven Strauss Hillary Clinton, with her fact-based argument that Donald Trump is encouraging racism, white nationalism and “taking hate groups mainstream,” has now given the speech that many Republicans no doubt wish they had made five years ago.

(Reuters) – The number of Democratic presidential candidates seeking their party’s nomination to oppose Republican U.S.

14 Oct 2019. More than two dozen Democratic party leaders in the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania. Four states in particular — Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — are seen as among the most pivotal for Democrats to move back. In Michigan, Trump won by nearly 11,000 votes in 2016, marking the first time a Republican presidential. If activists can help the 2020 Democratic nominee pick up even a few hundred votes more than Clinton did,

To get to this point, it was all-out war between lawmakers, business leaders and even. against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Wisconsin Senate leader snuffs medical marijuana bill that appeared to have some GOP backing. Supporters had hoped they could gain traction on the bill because of support from some Republicans who control the Legislature.

02.01.2020  · Todd Gettings’ one-sentence Dec. 15 letter [“Not backing president is the real crime”], in which he states, “If you are a U.S. citizen but don’t support the president of the United States, you are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” demonstrates the mentality and.

22.09.2014  · Throughout The Week, The Clintons Are Kicking Off Their 10 th Annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting, Bringing In A Star Studded, Big-Business Audience. “Bill and Hillary Clinton are bringing together heads of state, business leaders and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon for their annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting.

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"Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning," Playboy writer Amee Vanderpool tweeted,

Republicans and their declared positions on Donald Trump • Republicans supporting Donald Trump • Republicans. 2016, “Donald is a private sector business leader who knows what it takes to get things done — and that is something. Palazzo says all Republicans should unite behind Trump because any Republican is better than Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton,” according to MS New Now.

Some of the people who attended the breakfast last week are backing. Trump and the Republicans have nationally," he said.

The former Senate majority leader and 1996 GOP presidential nominee endorsed Trump on May 6. tepidly backs Trump after opposing him in the primary and backing Cruz. “There are some things he doesn’t quite understand,” Labrador told The Huffington Post. is backing Clinton.

the evangelical leaders called on Christianity Today to reveal which Democratic contender they are backing. "The editorial.

16 Aug 2016. MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren Endorses Hillary Clinton, Lifelong Republican Disses Trump. Murren's reasoning for backing Clinton is largely grounded in her economic policies. He also claims that. “I've crossed the aisle only a few times in elections past, and almost never at the presidential level. Clinton has received over 100 endorsements from well-known business leaders, including such luminaries as Warren Buffett, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Mark Cuban.

17 Apr 2019. the minority leader, told Nixon that no more than 15 senators were willing to even consider an acquittal. was one of the articles of impeachment): Clinton was refusing to cooperate with an investigation of matters that shouldn't have. There is a parallel argument made by some Republicans that presidents cannot commit “obstruction of justice” if the. While we tend to look back at Watergate and perceive a gradual national consensus over Nixon's criminality, it came.

The House, controlled by a Republican majority. when the House returns for business. That alone will delay a Senate trial.

09.10.2016  · The great majority of Republican voters say they are still backing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, despite the brewing scandal concerning the videotape on which he is heard making lewd and sexi. Republican voters continue backing Trump despite his taped sexist remarks. Republican voters continue backing Trump despite his.

10 Mar 2019. Business · California · Climate & Environment · Entertainment & Arts · Food · Lifestyle · Obituaries · Opinion. President Trump gestures to people cheering on the tarmac as he arrives in West Palm Beach, Fla. on March 8. it to the Clintons and punch back against the media-Democratic Party alliance that fires on every Republican brave enough. If you attended any GOP fundraiser or grassroots event between 2000 and 2016 — and I went to hundreds — you heard.

Holcomb and GOP legislative leaders are backing a one-year delay in using the student results. prison sentences for.

16.11.2018  · The AP later called the election for Republican incumbent Will Hurd, who joined John Katko and Brian Fitzpatrick as the only GOP midterm survivors in Clinton districts. House Republicans in districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016 were largely washed away in the Democratic wave last week — but three managed to hang on.

11 Oct 2019. John Kerry's stepson never conducted any business in Ukraine, and the association between Ukraine and a Paul Pelosi Jr.-linked energy company is bogus. We also found no evidence exists of any connection between donations to the Clinton Foundation and any of. that country, Republicans and Trump supporters hit back by attempting to tie several high-profile Democrats and their families to Ukraine. And all of the people I mentioned want Trump impeached.

WASHINGTON — Before Congress left town for their extended winter recess, they put impeachment rancor aside and got some.

Some Senate Republicans. their leader on procedural questions. Senior senators like John Cornyn of Texas have dismissed.

23 May 2019. Some Democratic counties, especially those shrinking the fastest, have been tending more toward the GOP. Nine Michigan counties that backed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton supported Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer in 2018 over Republican Bill Schuette. a former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and co-director of the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State.

28 Jun 2017. She backed Chris Christie in 2016 but endorsed Clinton over Trump after Christie dropped out. for small-business owners, backed Trump, he told USA Today, because “I like when business people run for president.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Pete Buttigieg all have women leading their campaigns from.

5 Sep 2019. In her later years of high school, she was a recognized leader, tirelessly organizing projects and undaunted in. In some ways, Hillary in high school, with her excellent grades and perpetual activities, cuts a rather familiar. Rodham soon opened a textile business that made custom draperies for corporations, hotels, and airlines. In many ways, she epitomized the traditional cookie- baking, churchgoing, car-pooling, stay-at-home suburban mom of the 1950s.

The House of Representatives impeached President Bill Clinton. with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the terms of the.

18.03.1997  · Their insistence on out-sized tax cuts is as regrettable as Mr. Clinton’s cop-out on CPI. Fortunately, there are signs of movement on the Republican side. Having started the year demanding tax cuts of $200 billion a year (an idea dependent on a CPI windfall), some GOP leaders are now talking in the $70 billion to $80 billion range.

7 Nov 2016. Starbucks' plain red 2015 holiday cup sparked outrage among some religious consumers, and Trump on the campaign trail suggested boycotting the company in return. Jim Murren, is a lifelong Republican and this summer in an op-ed announced he would be backing Clinton. It's common for CEOs and business leaders to weigh in on politics, and there is often a clear correlation.

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Trump overwhelmingly won the backing of evangelical Christians in the 2016 presidential election, getting 81 percent of that.

We want both," Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Tuesday. "The (Republican. much different from Clinton.

03.01.2020  · On this day of righteous fury — the nation’s second presidential impeachment in 21 years — I have a special request. I want to hear from someone, anyone, who meets two standards. One, this person is a supporter of Donald Trump and his Republican backers in Congress who believes the impeachment

25 Sep 2019. Nancy Pelosi on Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1998: 'Republicans are paralyzed with hatred'. but impeaching him with a vengeance," then-House Minority Leader Pelosi declared on the House floor in December 1998. That's not the case here," said Gingrich, claiming Hunter Biden did a lot of "weird" business deals in Ukraine and China and. He said historians will someday look back at House Democrats' impeachment inquiry as the "theater of the absurd.".

12.08.2010  · Clinton Sees GOP Backing For START Treaty Some Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have raised concerns that the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty could limit U.S. missile defense plans and the U.S. ability to modernize its nuclear arsenal.

The Senate awaits the articles of impeachment so it can hold a trial on whether to convict and remove Trump from office,

The package of individual and corporate tax cuts that the Republicans muscled through Congress was the. The agreement on.

3 Oct 2019. Politics · Ideas · Photo · Science · Culture · Podcasts · Health · Education · Video · Technology · Family · Projects · Business · Global. Trump likes the map for good reason: He carried more counties than any other nominee in either party since 1984. The map “says to me he has more support from cows than people,” sniffs the longtime Democratic strategist. vertical bars over the major urban centers that backed Clinton—show the nation much more evenly balanced.

22.09.2016  · This summer, Hillary Clinton unveiled a long list of major business leaders supporting her campaign, including three chief executives of Fortune 500 firms. Since then, more notable CEOs have come on board, some of whom have leaned Republican in the past. On the other side, Donald Trump has a few

22.10.2019  · Some Democrats are putting up caution signs for Hillary Clinton as she wades back into presidential politics by casting 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard as a "Russian asset," mocking U.S. President Donald Trump’s dealings with a foreign leader and.

Bush, and Judith Wilson Rogers, a Bill Clinton nominee. Schumer Suggests No Progress on Trial Plan (1:04 p.m.) Schumer.

From driving change and innovation as world leaders and business tycoons to inspiring creativity and exploration as astronauts and award-winning artists, amazing women around the world make it their job to shake things up and push the boundaries of possibility every day.

18.12.2019  · President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday night, becoming only the third American chief executive to be formally charged under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Obama, who put two Republicans and his former primary rival Hillary Clinton. ‘Are you backing Trump strongly enough?’ It’s not just tax cuts and Kavanaugh. They back Trump before they back their.

WASHINGTON — House Democratic leaders are bracing for some defections among a group of moderate Democrats in swing districts who are concerned a vote to impeach President Donald Trump could cost them their seats in November.

And the national polling leader, former vice president Joe Biden. Trump but are holding off picking a candidate until it.

26 May 2016. Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have precious little in common. made the contribution to Clinton after being asked to give by some people with whom he does business — and before he had done any research on her. Political observers note that for some donors, backing multiple candidates can be about access and hoping to influence a politician's agenda.

(Bloomberg) — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke on the chamber’s floor Friday about the GOP standoff with.

04.05.2016  · WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump’s last Republican foe, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, ended his quixotic presidential campaign Wednesday, cementing Trump’s remarkable triumph as his party’s presumptive nominee and launching him toward a likely fall battle with Hillary Clinton. Some Republican leaders began reluctantly rallying around Trump.

2 days ago. Some observers saw Trump's decline as symbolic of many of the business, economic and social excesses that had. Hillary Clinton speaks as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump listens during the Presidential Debate at. In his inaugural speech on January 20th, Trump sent a populist message that he would put the American people above politics. He signed an order to scale back financial regulation under the Dodd-Frank Act, created by the Obama.

18 Oct 2019. Francis Rooney has broken with many of his GOP colleagues who have continued to back the president, telling. pro quo of military aid to Ukraine for an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. “I'm definitely at variance with some of the people in the district who would probably follow Donald Trump off the. CQ Roll Call is a part of FiscalNote, the leading technology innovator at the intersection of global business and government.

Before that, as the wife of President Bill Clinton, she was First Lady from 1993 to 2001. In the 2008 election, Clinton was a leading candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. In 2016, she became the first female candidate to.

His campaign says more than a thousand public officials and community leaders have declared. who was among the newcomers.

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15 Aug 2018. These Prominent Republicans Backed Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump — And Now They Don't Know Where To Turn. “I think there are people who are probably lying in wait, but reluctant to get out in front too far, for a variety of reasons. ballot access for any failed primary candidate who later decided to run as an independent or for a third party. Arts & Entertainment · Books · Business · Investigations · LGBTQ · Opinion · Politics · Reader · Science · Tech · World.