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That will be rectified tomorrow, when BBC Four begins A History of Christianity, a six-part series presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch, an Oxford history professor whose books about Cranmer and the.

Oxford historian and BBC presenter Diarmaid MacCulloch refocuses the story of the Christian faith to show what an unexpected. is Professor of the History of the Church at the University of Oxford.

Diarmaid MacCulloch says choosing to remain silent at crucial. MacCulloch, professor of the history of the church at Oxford and author of the prize-winning History of Christianity (from which a BBC.

Having written the acclaimed A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years, and in 2009 presented the BBC television series based on it, Diarmaid MacCulloch has now turned his attention to.

Here, piety and passion combine with just a hint of madness in a way that would please the Oxford historian Diarmaid MacCulloch, author of an enthralling new history. on the BBC — he introduces us.

Sir Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of the history of the church at Oxford and presenter of BBC television’s A History of Christianity, said the decline was worrying because a deep understanding of.

In a new three-part series for BBC Two, How God Made The English, Professor Diarmaid. the USA, Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years), which won the 2010 Cundill Prize, the world’s largest.

‘Immensely, immensely,’ says Diarmaid MacCulloch. Like Starkey, MacCulloch is a Tudor specialist who has branched into other areas and television work. In 2010, he produced A History of.

The man who made A History of Christianity for the BBC and more recently How God Made the English says if people must use the title, the correct way to address him is: “Diarmaid MacCulloch, Knight.”.

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Diarmaid MacCulloch charts the unpredictable rise of the Roman Catholic Church, exploring how a small Jewish sect that preached humility and the virtue of poverty in first-century Palestine became the.

As a nonconformist Christian, Blake looked back on a time when. draw a direct connection between the West Country and the Son of God, Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of church history at the.

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‘The World at War aside, the BBC’s startling coverage of apartheid. more nourishing than this in the manner perhaps of Diarmaid MacCulloch’s magnificent and spellbinding A History of Christianity.

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World-renowned historian Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch explores the origins of Christianity and asks what it means to be a Christian in a thought-provoking new series for BBC Four. The Professor of.

BBC Two religious presenter Diarmaid MacCulloch is one of five guest speakers helping. The book is an English translation by the Church of England of the Christian Bible, work began on it in 1604.

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Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch is best known for his six-part BBC television series, A History of Christianity. The university academic has been given the title for services to scholarship. He said he.

Diarmaid MacCulloch told "BBC Newshour," and. and that’s been part of the problem," said MacCulloch, whose work is on the history of Christianity. "The brute fact is that Notre Dame has not been in.

Diarmaid MacCulloch explores the origins and meanings of Christianity, beginning his journey at the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, a site that holds important clues to the birth of the.

Historian Diarmaid MacCulloch will be known to many from his popular series The History of Christianity which went out in late 2009 on BBC Four. That series was based on his landmark book, A History.

On Friday a public interview on ‘Faith and Sexuality’ with the openly gay academic Diarmaid MacCulloch. History at Oxford University, took place at St Audeon’s Church in Dublin. He also presented.

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Influential church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch. the Cundill Prize in History from Montreal’s McGill University for his 2009 book “A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years,” which.