Genealogical And Family History Of Southern New York Volume 3

The date of marriage is published in (1) Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley by Cuyler Reynolds, Lewis Publ., New York, 1913-1914, vol. 3, p. 1261, and (2) "The Descendants of John Jacob Astor", The New York Times, 6 March 1898.

Early lifeEdit. The day of his birth in 1802 was June 2 by his son’s account, or June 1 according to his New York Herald obituary and his gravestone. He was born the year after the death of his oldest brother, also named Philip Hamilton, after whom he was named. The older Philip, who was named for his grandfather Philip Schuyler,

Newspapers have a wealth of information for you, and a search is certainly worthwhile. These newpapers may provide you with an obituary listing that will not only show your ancestor’s date and cause of death, but also their parents, spouse, children, social organizations, occupation, and other details that will help you to create a unique profile.

Using the Collections. As the commonwealth’s library at the seat of government and the state archives, the Library of Virginia’s collections of books, periodicals, government publications, newspapers, architectural drawings and plans, manuscripts, archival records, maps, rare books, prints and photographs, and fine art are unsurpassed in depth and scope.

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Washington County New York Genealogy is part of the New York History and Genealogy Project. My name is Dennis Partridge and I am the county coordinator. If you have information about this county you would like to place online, then please contact me using the contact form on this website. The American History & Genealogy Project (AHGP) is a group of like-minded individuals committed to.

CHURCH ENSIGN and NEW ERA MAGAZINES Family History and Genealogy Resources Comprehensive Article Index. [Information from A. D. 1971 to the most current issue online.] Incidental mention of genealogy / family history not included.

Generation No. 1. 1. STEPHANUS 1 DE PALMER was born 1140 in Gloucester County, England. Notes for STEPHANUS DE PALMER: Thanks to:

In 1920 Moses Annenberg moved his family to New York, where he quickly established. there and the inheritor of its 180,000-volume library. The institute is devoted to expanding the understanding of.

Schenectady (/ s k ə ˈ n ɛ k t ə d i /) is a city in Schenectady County, New York, United States, of which it is the county seat.As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 66,135.The name "Schenectady" is derived from a Mohawk word, skahnéhtati, meaning "beyond the pines". Schenectady was founded on the south side of the Mohawk River by Dutch colonists in the 17th century, many.

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It was 1962, and I began my New York life with her gift of “The Gourmet Cookbook” (Volume I) and several sets of sheets. with the headline “Serial Monogamy.” Nora Ephron is the author of “The Most.

Part of the material in the present work is found also in Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley, compiled by Cuyler Reynolds, New York, 1914. Description: 3 volumes plates, portraits 28 cm

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Catalog of the Van Buren Regional Genealogical Society held at the Van Buren District Library, Decatur, Michigan

Nicknamed “Ike” by his contemporaries, Greer taught history and government at Appalachian. Williams earned his Ph.D. at New York University in 1961, where he completed his dissertation The Southern.

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9780806356112 – Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley. In Three Volumes. Volume III. Includes an index to.

Plan for an 9-volume "A BRASHEAR(S) FAMILY HISTORY" by Charles Brashear 1940 Neotomas Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95405 e-mail: [email protected] phone: 707/569-1335. I am and have been for 40-something years actively engaged in research on the Brashear(s) Family, in all its branches, in all spellings of the surname.

The New York Times profiled my change of heart saying that to my former friends I’m considered a “traitorous prince” since my religious-right family was once thought. including the Southern Baptist.

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Ms. Dayton oversees the collection used by about 70 researchers a month, about half of them interested in genealogy. ”There is definitely a pride in their family history,” she said. candidate in.

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Early life. Stephanus Bayard was born in May 1700 to Judge Samuel Bayard (1669–1746) and Margaretta Van Cortlandt (1674–1719). His paternal grandfather was Nicholas Bayard (c. 1644–1707), the 16th Mayor of New York City and a nephew of Peter Stuyvesant. His maternal grandparents were Stephen Van Cortlandt (1643–1700),

Death and Marriage Notices from the Watchman and Observer 1845-1855 by Brent H. Holcomb. Hard cover, 200 pages, indexed. $28.50. This weekly newspaper was the Presbyterian newspaper for the South, beginning when the Charleston Observer ceased publication in 1845.

Again, that would be no. While the volume of apartment development. Prior to moving out to the Southern California office, Natalie was Northeast bureau chief, covering New York City for GlobeSt.

They don’t upstage the movie’s real-life hero—Solomon Northup, a free black man of Saratoga Springs, New York, who was kidnapped in. That adaptation of Alex Haley’s genealogical history of his.

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Read the digitized book:Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (Volume 2) – Reynolds, Cuyler, 1866-1934

From its New England core, it has spread with its settlers across upper New York; the northern strips of Pennsylvania. and work-centered than their central and southern countrymen. With a long.

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Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley, Vol. I. Browse this collection. OR. Browse Individual Records in this Title. Table of Contents. Title Page; Preface; Publishers’ Note; Southern New York Family Histories; More help. Census Centre; Family History Toolbox; From the Ancestry Library; Support Centre.