American Revolution Patriot Soldier

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his is a list of soldiers that fought and gave their lives for the country we now call home. By clicking on the names below you can read more about a few of these.

Facts and information about American Revolutionary Soldiers. Info about the American Revolutionary Soldiers for kids. Facts, history and information about the.

The original artwork was created in the late 1800's and creates a stunning glimpse of a group of Patriots from the Revolutionary War. The illustration depicts both.

Served in the Maryland State Council and fought as a soldier during the war. Two Bissell Patriot Ancestors (father and son) fought in the American Revolution.

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Martin Van Buren 1848 Election KINDERHOOK, N.Y. – Martin Van Buren. Although Van Buren stayed involved in politics after his defeat in the election of 1840-he ran for president once more as the candidate of the anti-slavery Free. Webster would lose the nomination in 1839 to William Henry Harrison of Ohio, the Whig Party favorite; before the general election against

Contains the graves (mostly unmarked) of some 4,000 inhabitants of early Vincennes, including soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution who helped.

Tomb of the Unknown Patriot Soldier of the American Revolution. During the Revolutionary War Battle of Green Spring, which took place in the fields and woods.